Who we are

The ERA-MIN Consortium has been launched on 8 November 2011 with 11 research program owners and/or managers from 9 European countries, but is currently composed of 19 partners from 15 states: Finland (TEKES), France (CNRS & ADEME), Germany (BMBF, FZ Jülich), Hungary (MBFH), Ireland (GSI), Italy (ENEA), The Netherlands (M2i), Poland (NCBR), Portugal (FCT), Romania (UEFISCDI), Slovakia (SGUDS), Spain (CDTI), Sweden (VINNOVA, SGU), Turkey (TÜBITAK), and United Kingdom (ESKTN). The number of partners is set to increase over the project's lifetime to form a major network for the European non-energy mineral raw materials research community (ENERC).

There are three levels of participation in ERA-MIN :

  • Full Members : Funding agencies or other research program owners and/or managers being signatories of the ERA-MIN Agreement with the EC
  • Associate Members: Funding agencies or other research program owners and/or managers participating in ERA-MIN without contractual links with the EC
  • Forum Members : any stakeholder from academia or industry interested in ERA-MIN

ERA-MIN is intended to be:

  • A forum for the scientific and technical communities to exchange and share information, across as many European countries as possible.
  • A think-tank for long-range planning.
  • A benchmark structure that will help Governments of Member States to adapt their national policies and strategies in line with the European vision.
  • A tool to foster intergovernmental coordination and public-private funding of raw materials research.

Please contact us for any further information.